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I am an artist and work primarily with thread and fabric making thread paintings. I also work with clay, beads and my camera. I love to look closely. 

Tilly Press calendars have photos from my walks in the surrounding woods and fields. I walk almost every day. My dog Tilly sees to that.

The practice of taking photos and sharing one each day started serendipitously on January 1, 2017. My favorite way to celebrate New Year's Day is to take a long walk with Tilly (walking me is one of her jobs). I imagine that I'm walking away from the old year and into the not yet known possibilities the new year holds. On that New Year's Day walk I took a photo and shared it on Facebook so that a particular friend, one who needed some new possibilities and couldn't go for a walk, would see it. January 1 seemed like a great day to start a practice, and so I did. Almost every day since then I've posted some small or large bit of mystery and joy that I see and feel in nature. Personally it was important for me to see that beauty simply always exist. No matter what else is going on.

NEW THIS YEAR in Missy Stevens Ceramics are some pipes for your smoking pleasure. 
Missy Stevens Ceramics features stoneware whistles, cups, plates, vases and flower pots. Some pieces are decorated with a technique called sgraffito, some with impressions of my own stamps. Many are animals, critters, or have a plant or garden theme. All will hopefully lift your heart!

NEW THIS YEAR  in Missy Stevens Jewelry are ceramic and wire earrings that have been fired in the kiln.
Missy Stevens Jewelry gives me the freedom to buy more yummy beads when I find them and make necklaces and earrings for me and you! All jewelry pieces, and much else on this site are one-of-a-kind.

For more info about me, including two great videos visit my website. If you'd like to see my daily walk photos you can follow on Facebook click here. Or on Instagram click here.

If you have any questions drop me a line thru this site or at [email protected]



I'm sad to say that Tim Cole passed away in 2020. He was a modern day renaissance man; a photographer, a writer, a poet, avid reader and translator. He was dedicated to helping the less fortunate through community affairs. He worked for nonprofits helping them find their way forward.
Before he died he was working on three books. One of those, a collection of his haiku and photographs will be published soon!
He was also writing a memoir about life's twists and turns and working on an essay about how life itself looks in the cosmic scheme of things.
Perhaps those will also be printed someday.

To see more of Tim's works click here